Monday, 28 May 2007

A Great Find!

Over the weekend I discovered something really interesting from Antony, my friend's uncle, who has a PhD in science. He told me that all water has bacteria, so it would be a little pointless in counting the colonies of bacteria in my water. But I could find the breathing rate of the bacteria, which would sort of show how much of it is in there, because of this:

For Example: If there are heaps of mice in a jar, and only one mouse in a jar, the jar with a lot of mice will run out of oxygen faster than the jar with only one mouse. This happens because the more living things, the more oxygen consumed. Because of this, I can see which water will run out of oxygen first, which will show which water has more bacteria.

I'll keep the blog up to date with pictures.


Lenva Shearing said...

I am very interested in your experiments and will follow your blog with interest. What a great way to record your processes and findings.
Don't forget to publish your hypothesis before you conduct your experiments.
-Mrs Shearing

Ian Fox said...

I am also going to follow this blog with great interest. Congratulations on the innovative way you have gone about your Science Fair assignment. You have opened up a whole new range of possibilities and this is setting a very high standard for the e-portfolios we are wanting to expore. Geat work. I will keep watching.

Mr Fox - School Principal

Mrs. Harper's Third Grade said...

This is a very interesting project, and I will follow it with interest. This blog is a great idea, and I will share it with my students in the US.

jakescincefair said...

I am also interested in you science fair project. I will follow up on this project and get back to you. =)