Sunday, 10 June 2007


Conclusion of pH and Chlorine Results:

H2Go proved itself the best, while tap proved itself worst. Distilled was the most acidic, with Pump close behind. Tap had the most alkaline. The healthiest of the pH were filtered, H2Go, and surprisingly enough, pond! No one water had a perfect 7.0 pH level. As for the chlorine, things were different. Tap was the only water with a little chlorine. This is good and bad, because water needs a little bit of chlorine to kill off bacteria but it does have a smell and taste. The results state that having a filter will decrease the amount of chlorine in the water that you drink. Pump, H2Go and Distilled went through a scanning system to kill off all bacteria, therefore giving no need for chlorine in those waters. The copper results were fine. Having a very slight amount of copper in your water is fine, but anything over the maximum contaminant level will cause stomach and intestinal sickness. The iron results were fine too. All the iron levels were below the maximum contaminant level.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheyenne!
OMG! this blog is so cool!
Your science fair rocks!
Cant wait to see it all finished!
Georgia! :)

Anonymous said...

hi Cheyenne
your blog is so cool
it is really interesting
and makes a lot of sense
well done
how long did it take for you to test all of what you have done.
its really good

Gail said...

Some really interesting results. I wonder if you could put this in a table. It maight make it easier to see the differences in relation to the different tests that you did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheyenne You have made me think now about the water over here in the UK. I think I will have to find some folks like yourself to do testing. What did you use to test the water? Best wishes

Simon Patton from NCSL in England