Monday, 11 June 2007

My Conclusion of my Hypothesis

My hypothesis was proven incorrect and correct at the same time. I estimated that Distilled would be healthier, but H2Go proved that guess wrong. I was correct in the sense that I thought tap would be the worst.

I found this really interesting, because automatically people think that distilled would be healthier, but in actual fact the brand H2Go was healthier by far. In fact, distilled was one of the worse ones.

What was astounding was that our tap water was actually quite bad! Everyone goes to the tap and drinks the fresh water. This also shows that having a filter will make your water a lot healthier. According to my observations, having a filter will not only make it healthier, but it will also take out excess chlorine in your water.


Nolans said...

Cheyenne your blog is AWESOME! Your blog is a lot better and more thorough than my knowlegde net log book thing. I can see that you have spent a lot of time and effort in this and wish you luck to win the Nobel Prize for our class!


Gail said...

Your results are very interesting. I wonder how many people will change their drinking habits at home when they read your research. We always use the water out of the tap at home and we don't hve a filter. I need to read more on your work about the differences between distilled water and H2Go. A great effort Cheyenne. It is great to see your class mates giving you feedback.

Lenva Shearing said...

This is an amazing effort, and by recording the process in a blog makes it very easy for the reader to follow your science fair.
Congratulations on a superb blog and science fair.

Anonymous said...

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